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Practice Note 10.1: Parks Management
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Practice Note 10.2: Parks Asset Management
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Practice Note 10.3 Parks Management: Levels of Service
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PN 10.4
Practice Note 10.4 Parks Management: Service Delivery
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PN 10.5
Practice Note 10.5 Parks Management: Planning
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Ask Your Mates: Road Safety

  • Most if not all of you would be aware of the National Road Safety Strategy and the governments continuous review and improvement of its approach to managing road safety in Australia. For all the latest developments on the latest strategy, please navigate ...

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  • ​Hi Julian, The link is showing that I have already completed the survey, which I didn't. Check with the Survey facilitator. Regards, Naresh

  • Hi Susan I believe the legalities are are only one aspect. These zones are there for a purpose, most likely safety so stopping there is questionable but need to use some common sense, particularly the timing.The other consideration is the 'look' of Council/Contractor's ...

Ask Your Mates: Land Development Engineering

  • Hi Philip There is good guidance on what requires a Building Consent on the MBIE website. Refer topic Building work that doesn't need a building consent | Building Performance There may also be a determination on this matter. If not, you can apply ...

  • ​Hi Jeremy, As a general rule for all subdivisions where reticulated services are available we would apply a condition that services are installed at time of subdivision. We do this to ensure that costs are not left to any unsuspecting purchaser. Daniel ...

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  • ​ Hi Clare, The information responses from Whanganui District Council for the standards for shared access ways are as follows: Reinforcing is only required where the designer of the right of way determines that it is necessary. The design guideline ...

Ask Your Mates: Park, Landscape & Urban Design