IPWEA Australasia Vision & Mission

What we believe in...

IPWEA vision

To enhance the quality of life of our communities through public works and services.


What our goal is...

IPWEA mission

To be the peak professional association that leads public works and services, asset management planning, delivery and operations.


How we achieve this...

IPWEA objectives

In order to achieve its mission, IPWEA will:

Engage with and inspire members and the greater public works community
Grow professional networks to inform, connect and transfer knowledge
Engage with strategic partners and industry
Provide leadership and advocacy to influence policy and industry direction
Research, develop and deliver programs, products and services that build professional capacity
Govern & operate effectively, efficiently and sustainably

Our core values...

IPWEA standards and behaviours

IPWEA people share a set of core values that define our accepted standards and behaviours. They define us as an organisation, the way we work together and with our members, communities and stakeholders:IPWEA-Value-Infographic.png


Our accountability...

IPWEA Australasia and Division constitutions

The object for which IPWEA is established is to enhance the quality of life in communities through the application of continuous improvement and best practice principles to all aspects of public works and services, infrastructure planning, delivery and operations.

IPWEA will achieve this by:

  1. Promoting excellence in the delivery of public works and services, in part by providing support and leadership to persons involved in the industry
  2. Advancing public works and services issues and promoting the IPWEA Group as a principal source of credible, authoritative advice on all public works and services matters
  3. Being a peak or leading body representing all persons involved in the planning and provision of public works and services
  4. Developing and exchanging ideas, information and technology in the science and practice of all aspects of public works, including between different industry associations
  5. Fostering the personal and professional growth of all persons involved in the delivery of public works and services.