IPWEA has a long and proud history of supporting publics works engineers. We are focused on delivering further value by helping public works and asset management professionals develop their careers through lifelong learning. The new 3-year strategy will deliver a comprehensive educational pathway with an emphasis on driving more value in membership whilst continuing to promote professionalism, education and knowledge sharing in its global communities.

David Jenkins | CEO IPWEA Australasia


The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) is the peak association for the professionals who deliver public works and engineering services to communities in Australia and New Zealand. IPWEA provides services to its members and advocacy on their behalf.

Previously known as the Institute of Municipal Engineering Australia (IMEA), IPWEA has expanded its traditional local government engineering focus to broader public works, covering all tiers of government as well as the private sector, which comprises 40% of IPWEA membership. Almost all of Australia and New Zealand’s professional consultancy firms that specialise in public sector infrastructure – including roads, water, power, rail, ports and airports – have managers and staff who are members of IPWEA.

To help practitioners maintain the high level of competency the community demands, IPWEA provides regular continuing professional development, conferences, technical publications, and the chance to be involved in committees addressing technical issues. IPWEA also provides members with opportunities to network with colleagues at Branch, State and National conferences. IPWEA lobbies state and federal governments for policy change and for grants to undertake projects that benefit the public works industry.

IPWEA is Technical Society of Engineers Australia, providing savings and additional benefits to members including accreditation of qualifications, training, networking and exchange of specialist expertise.

IPWEA promotes professionalism, education and knowledge sharing in its community.